Monday, 20 June 2011

A new trend - Pork Pie Wedding Cakes

We've seen cup cakes and 'cheese' cakes but now there's a new trend in Wedding Cakes:

The Pork Pie Wedding Cake 

So if you are looking for something different (particularly if you are a meat lover!!) why not give it a go?  It doesn't have to be instead of your main cake and if you are worried about your budget why not serve it as a canape or as part of evening buffet?  You could also incorporate it into a 'picnic' theme to your day.

Wilson's Butchers are already offering a 3 tier cake which can even be personalised and is shown above.  They've already sent out over 100 'cakes' so it's clearly a growing trend.  Why not let me know what you think - or maybe you've tried or come across other types of wedding cakes - always interested to here new ideas.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Church wedding flowers

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I was doing some research into pew ends for a bride that I'm currently working with and it got me to thinking about how best to decorate a church for a wedding.  It is often quite difficult to decide exactly what to do and it is very easy to go over the top and spend a lot of money.  So here are my thoughts on how to save money and get fabulous church flowers for your wedding on a budget:

  1. Less is more - you are not in the church for long and hopefully everyone will be focussing on you so don't get carried away!!  If you really want to do pew ends think about only do every other one rather than thenm all - this plus something on the alter and maybe one other display is more than enough
  2. If you want to use big displays consider whether these can also be moved to your reception to save money - some pew ends can also be put on the back of chairs at your reception
  3. The church may have someone who can do flowers for you which can often be cheaper than a florist
  4. Using candles on the alter, register signing table and on window ledges can often be a nice cheaper alternative to flowers
  5. If you can't afford pew ends what about scattering petals down the aisles?
Don't forget to talk to your vicar about your choices as they may have strong views about what you can and can't do - and you don't want to find this out on the day of your wedding!!

Finally, here's some photos of some great pew ends I found which I hope will help inspire!

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