Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tiffany Blue

I've always loved Tiffany Blue as a colour for a wedding - it conjures up images of glamour, sophistication and Audrey Hepburn.  It's a classic sophisticated colour scheme which can be teamed with ivories, silvers and even brown tones.  It also works well with vintage themes using diamonds, brooches and sumptuous fabrics.  I've pulled together a mood board which gives you some ideas on how to pull this theme together:

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Wedding Cake:
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Monday, 1 August 2011

Every little helps!!

There's so many decisions to make when planning a wedding that it's often easy to forget the little personal touches which may not cost much but can really help make your day special.  Here's a few ideas that I've come across whilst helping at weddings over the years:

  • Put photo frames with pictures of previous family weddings on your cake table or with your guest book
  • Place a basket of flip flops near the dance floor to encourage your friends to party all night!
  • Instead of the standard group shot of all your friends and family why not hand out pots of bubbles, or sparklers if it's dark enough, to make it a fun memorable photo
  • Instead of taking a vintage car on your own why not travel to your reception in a vintage bus with all your guests so you to get to spend more time with them
  • Instead of a guest book why not ask guests to email or text you photos of themselves at your wedding along with a message - you can then put it all together in a digital photobook.  Alternatively use the digital wedding guestbook website to co-ordinate everything for you and create a personal DVD record from your guests messages, pictures and clips
  • If you have friends or family who are staying a few days why not prepare a pack with details of places to visit, things to keep them occupied and nice restaurants to go to that are appropriate to them
  • Make sure there are nice soaps, hand creams and perfume in the ladies toilets - it will always go down well!!
  • Quite often favours are forgotten or not even taken away, despite costing quite a lot of money.  Why not have favours that mean something special, so they are more likely to be remembered:
  • Make them yourself, for example pots of jam, biscuits, sweets, decorated tea light holders
  • Have something that relates to where you come from or where you are getting married, for example Yorkshire Lavender, Kendal Mint Cake, Whisky
  • Give money to a charity that means something to you instead and put cards on the table explaining your decision
  • Have something seasonal - baubles at Christmas, chocolate eggs at Easter 
What's important with the details is not how much you spend but the thought that goes into it - the more personal and relevant it is to you, the more memorable it is likely to be.