Monday, 19 September 2011

It's raining again!!

There really are no guarantees of good weather in this country.  This year's seen yet another mixed summer so what is the best way of dealing with the question of poor weather? Planning, and if you really want an outdoor wedding be prepared to embrace it!!!  Here are some hints and tips for how to get round the great British weather.

If you want to avoid the rain make sure you look for a venue that works well inside and out.  Speak to your photographer about where you could take great shots in the rain - look for feature staircases, big windowsills you can sit on and fireplaces.  Even door frames can look great - your photographer might get wet but you don't need to.

If your reception venue doesn't really cut it for features, then if you are marrying in a church this can give you lots of indoor opportunities for fabulous group and inidivdual shots with alters, stained glass windows and great big stone door frames.  If you plan in advance you can always bring hot flasks of coffee to keep your guests occupied whilst all the photos are done - or why not even bring some mulled wine?

An outside drinks reception is fabulous in the sun but a real headache in the rain so again it is worth thinking about how this will work if the weather is poor.  Is there enough inside space for all your guests - particularly if your reception venue only has one room?  Is there a bar or another room that can be used?

However, if you truly want an outside wedding then you need to embrace the rain!  Consider looking on the brighter side of life and incorporating the rain into your theme.  Think colourful quirky wellies and funky brollies.  Make sure you have lots of each on hands so guests can still enjoy your wedding outside - or at least be able to get to the toilets if they are seperate from your marquee!! Think about doing fun shots of you and your guests in the rain.  You really can get wellies and brollies in each and every shade these days so why not match them to your theme - or even consider bright multi colours to brighten up a dark dreary day. 

Not convinced?  Well, hopefully these images from will help change your mind!