Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tips for ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly - Tip 4

Bride getting ready on her wedding day

It's always surprising how fast a wedding comes around. The last few weeks before it happens are often very hectic with lots to do. So what do you need to do in this final run up to ensure the big day itself is exactly as you planned it? Hopefully you've already been following our hints and tips to ensuring your day goes like clockwork, if not take a look at our tips on writing a timing plan for the day, managing suppliers in the final weeks and planning your wedding venue set up. This final part looks at the wedding day kit you need to take with you.

Tip 3 - your wedding day survival kit

Whenever I'm helping a bride on the day of her wedding I take a box with me that's full of items that, over the years, I've found have come in handy. I'm not sure if sharing this is like a magician explaining his tricks but here goes!!
  1. All the paperwork to make your day go with a bang - copies of your readings, your timing plan, your list of suppliers, wedding party members & their contact numbers, your venue set up plan, your seating plan, your speech list, your music list
  2. Any money needed for on the day - granted, as the bride you are unlikely to have to pay for anything yourself, but do make sure someone has the money to settle any bills such as the church or any musicians
  3. Mending kit - make sure you have a small sewing kit with needle, white, black and your bridesmaids' colour thread, buttons, safety pins (the easiest way of fastening anything back together!!). I'd also recommend you take white chalk with you - it may sound strange but it is really good at hiding any marks you get on your dress (try it on a very small patch first though), soda water can also help get any stains out
  4. Reception kit - blue tack, sellotape, string, large scissors, good spare pen, spare favours & place cards - less of an issue if you are not dressing the venue yourself but can come in handy
  5. Bad weather - I always take a number of large golf umbrellas with me to try and ward off the rain. If it's a winter wedding you may also want to take a wrap with you to keep you warm between photos and in the car
  6. Keeping you looking good - in case of tears take tissues, cotton buds, spare mascara, and eye liner. Generally also take lipstick, hair brush, spare hair pins, hairspray, spare tights / stockings (for any of the wedding party), fashion tape (to ensure no one flashes!!), nail file, clear nail varnish, deodorant and perfume. For me if it's a humid day I'd also take hairstraighteners - but not everyone needs them!!
  7. For the evening - you might want to take some flat shoes or party feet with you if you are planning to dance the night away. I'd also suggest taking some nappy pins - another odd one I know, but so often in the evening the bride's train will get stood on and the ties break, nappy pins are incredibly strong and are good for fastening it back up
  8. Medical kit - take plasters, headache tablets, antihistamines etc with you - just in case.
Finally, if you are staying away that night don't forget to ensure that you have a bag with everything you will need for that night and the following day with you - at our wedding my husband forgot to take a top for the next morning so had to borrow one from his bestman!!

If you'd like to have a truly stress free day then you might want a wedding planner there to help you -if you're having a Yorkshire wedding why not get in touch?